By resolving the blockchain trilemma (wherein either security, scalability, and decentralization is sacrificed), XTRABYTES™ provides limitless possibilities in terms of use cases. That’s because it does not store, validate or protect data in the same location. Instead, it fully decentralizes these components. The result is a platform that overcomes current blockchain limitations.

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XTRABYTES™ Academy assists users in learning and acquiring credentials focused on the fields of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency Trading, Smart contracts, Blockchain Security, Crypto-Economics, and much more! There's nothing more enjoyable than learning at your own pace and your convenience.

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What makes us unique?

XTRABYTES™ goes beyond being a currency. It's a next-gen blockchain platform that allows DApps to be programmed in any language, utilizing a new and ecological consensus algorithm. Standard blockchain environments contain many centralization vulnerabilities, such as self-contained development, consensus methods, and coin monopolization. The XTRABYTES™ platform seeks to rectify these limitations by creating a truly decentralized crypto currency and applications platform. Accordingly, XTRABYTES™ presents a next - generation blockchain solution capable of providing a diverse set of capabilities.


Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Backed by an adaptable encryption method.


Expand the network by writing DApps in any programming language.

Designed for all languages

Creating DApps on the XTRABYTES™ platform is straightforward using our code-agnostic API. This approach guarantees a fluid protocol for developers and provides a robust applications market for trading, gaming, and messaging.

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Tokens on our platform

Upon completion, you can launch your token on our platform. Using the XTRABYTES™ standard for token creation, your company can enjoy our platform's many benefits, along with a strong support team and a rapidly growing business. Sign up today and let us know why your project is a good addition to our blockchain.

Node network

The XTRABYTES™ three-tier node network runs DApps and provides owners with service and transaction fees for the applications they choose to host. In addition, our network is responsible for the running of the platform and its security processes. Node owners therefore participate in securing the network and ensure true decentralization.

Easy registration

Apply for a node within minutes.


Help secure the network.

Earn rewards

Earn passive income by hosting DApps.

Registered nodes

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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