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Learn a new craft in a fast-paced environment.

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Have your work viewed by thousands.

Open bounties

Promote us via twitter by mentioning @xtrabytes in an original tweet. List the project's many positive aspects as well as the technology's potential.

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Promote XTRABYTES™ by following and sharing posts across all of our official social media channels. It’s so simple it’s practically an airdrop!

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Promote XTRABYTES™ on YouTube by creating and uploading an original video that highlights the technology behind XTRABYTES™. We are seeking commentary that mentions topics like our unique consensus algorithm, our ability to develop modules in any language, or even the high transaction speeds of our network.

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Promote XTRABYTES™ via Steemit, Medium or Uptrennd by writing and uploading an original article that highlights the technology behind XTRABYTES™.

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Support the project by taking a selfie with any XTRABYTES™ related branding item (e.g. t-shirt, cup, sticker, etc.) or a printout of the official logo, and be rewarded with XFUEL™. Unique locations and/or landmarks are especially interesting, and will be compensated with greater rewards!

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