Support the project by taking a selfie with any XTRABYTES™ related branding item (e.g. t-shirt, cup, sticker, etc.) or a printout of the official logo, and be rewarded with XFUEL. Unique locations and/or landmarks are especially interesting, and will be compensated with greater rewards!


  • 500 XFUEL for a selfie with the XTRABYTES™ logo.
  • 1,000 XFUEL for a photo of the XTRABYTES™ logo in front of a world famous landmark.
  • +500 XFUEL for a photo our team feels is exceptional in quality.


  • No nudity allowed.
  • No copyrighted material can be included.
  • Photos may not promote or include illegal activity.
  • Any photo(s) deemed as negative towards the project are rejected.
  • Only one (1) submission is allowed per photo and only one reward can be obtained.
  • The XTRABYTES™ item or logo must be properly visible and recognizable in the photo.
  • Photos must be unique.

How to participate:

  • When using the XTRABYTES™ logo, print out the logo (can be found in our media kit on the web-page: and show it together with yourself in a selfie.
  • When using official branding items, e.g. wearable t-shirts, a cup, etc. make sure they are visible in the picture and take a photo. You might even consider getting creative and crazy in your picture(s)!
  • The last step is to post to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and tag #xtrabytes in your image.

Submission instructions

  • Upload and submit your picture on our bounty page.
  • Leave your XFUEL address and e-mail and/or Discord username so we can contact you in case of any questions or remarks.
  • Also include a link to the social media post with your image.


  • By submitting a photo you agree to forfeit any copyright claims and that the photo may be used for marketing purposes by XTRABYTES™.
  • XTRABYTES™ reserves the right to consider any photo ineligible for compensation, without providing any reason, at the company’s discretion.
  • Rewards are subject to change in the future without notice to properly reflect the price of the coin.

Claim reward

Please fill out the form below so that we may contact you regarding your reward.