Promote us via twitter by mentioning @xtrabytes in an original tweet. List the project's many positive aspects as well as the technology's potential.


  • 300+ followers: 100 XFUEL™
  • 500+ followers: 300 XFUEL™
  • 2,500+ followers: 600 XFUEL™
  • 10,000+ followers: 1000 XFUEL™
  • 25,000+ followers: 1500 XFUEL™
  • 50,000+ followers: 3000 XFUEL™


  • You must have over 300 real followers.
  • You must link a Twitter account audit in the form below!
  • Tweets must be created after April 19th, 2018.
  • Do not Retweet or like tweets that are more than two weeks old.
  • Do not Retweet or like tweets that are answers or comments to other Twitter users.
  • If you plagiarize another tweet in part or in full, you will forfeit your submissions.
  • If you insult, degrade, or generally speak negatively about XTRABYTES™ or its team members, you will forfeit your submissions.
  • All Tweets must be related to the current marketing topic, tweets that don’t include the subject of the current topic are not eligible for rewards. To comply with the topic, link articles and other resources related to it into your Tweet.
  • Only one submission per account per week will be accepted and only four submissions per current topic, so make sure to check back regularly.

How to participate:

Submission instructions:

  • Fill out the form below with your twitter handle, the link to your tweet and an audit of your profile.
  • All tweets will be evaluated and verified before payment.


  • We reserve the right to consider any tweet made on any account ineligible for this campaign.
  • Total views will be counted after 30 days from the time of the tweet’s official publication date and time. After 30 days we will not consider additional views towards the reward brackets.

Bounty cap:

  • This bounty has a set payout cap of 150,000 XFUEL™. A message will be displayed on our website when this cap has been reached. Any tweets submitted after that cap has been met will not be rewarded XFUEL™.

Claim reward

Please fill out the form below so that we may contact you regarding your reward.