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XTRABYTES Ltd. is seeking a chief executive officer (CEO) who has supervisory experience and is willing to pursue our company vision. As CEO, you will appropriately represent the company, regularly attend relevant conferences, and oversee company initiatives by providing departmental direction and oversight. In addition, you will be required to exercise superior management skills and serve to be an inspiring leader. This involves seeing the big picture at all times and responding accordingly. The ideal candidate will retain a business mindset combined with an empathic character. Likewise, his or her actions must accord with increasing the company's status and achieving its long-term goals (i.e., expand business relations and actively pursue market leadership within the crypocurrency world). Therefore, in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies in general and XTRABYTES in particular will be required.

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As director of business development you will mediate partnerships and mergers with regards to companies and exchanges. You will set up the rules and guidelines of general business practice within the company. Additionally, you are a eager to show the benefits of your product to gain investor interest. Monitoring conferences, making new business contacts and organizing representation at events are among your key tasks. A business mindset with appropriate social skills and contacts is required, as is having a general knowledge of cryptocurrencies and XTRABYTES in particular.

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As senior UI/UX designer you will collaborate with our management and technology teams in order to create superior designs across our XCITE platform. You will define the foundations of our XCITE graphics and initiate a strategy for developing the application look & feel (in collaboration with our director of UI/UX). A key goal is to build and maintain strong relationships with our development team to ensure coordinated workflows and assist in future user-testing sessions.

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