In order to become a successful global company we need to be accessible in different languages. Translators are therefore required to help make this happen. A translation team will consist out of three (3) people, which includes one (1) teamleader. Together you are responsible for the whole of translations in your respective language.


  • Assure an understandable translation for your language.
  • Translate on-the-go. New terms are added regularly and require translations as soon as possible to properly reflect them on the site.


  • Only native speakers are allowed to translate into their language.
  • Fluency in both English as well as the language you wish to translate to is required.
  • You are prohibited from using Google translate (or other translation tools) to do the job for you.
  • As a translator you are responsible for the entirety of the translations. This means that you need to verify and double check your own and your colleagues' work.

We are currently looking for translators for the following languages:

  • Japanese (3 members)
  • Russian (1 member)
  • Arabic (2 members)
  • German (1 member)

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