Welcome to the XTRABYTES™ client for the Waves platform. Waves is an existing DEX that can serve as an easy trading solution until we launch X-CHANGE™. Once logged in, you will find a familiar system in comparison to any other centralized exchange.

Accessing Waves

Make sure you use the online version of Waves (Web browser), this is where the gateway for XFUEL and XBY is active! See the image below.

xtrabytes waves client gateway

Creating an account

In order to trade, you’ll need an active Waves account. You can create this using the following procedure:

Visit (If you have never accessed this site or the official waves site, you should not have a cache issue. Otherwise, if you have accessed either in the past, you must clear your cache. To do so, here is the process:

  • When you hit the site, before the blue loading line finishes, click refresh.
  • Now do 2 more full refreshes of the page.
  • Create a new account . If you have another account you can use it but it will not include the XBY and XFUEL assets automatically and there are no logos for our coins unless using our Waves client. You can simply transfer your tokens to the new account, or use both. Remember to make backups and never share your private keys or credentials!

First Deposit

To send your XFUEL/XBY to the address on the Waves platform, please use the following procedure:

  • Click the receive option on either XBY or XFUEL (see the image below). Keep in mind that there is a minimum fee of 3 coins [one for every transfer: the first transfer is from your local wallet to the coverage wallet, the second is from the coverage wallet to the Waves token wallet and finally the third is from Waves token wallet to your Waves user wallet]. If you transfer less than 20 coins, there will be an additional fee of 1 coin added - this applies to both XBY and XFUEL.
  • Receive
  • Copy your receive address.
  • Open your local wallet and send your desired amount of coins to the receive address you just copied.
  • NOTE: We strongly advise to use coin control if you’re not sending the entire amount available in your wallet. More info on this available on:
  • After 6 confirmations, you should receive your transferred coins at your Waves wallet.


It is very simple to request a withdrawal on Waves.

  • At the top left, click the Wallet icon to return to the Assets section.
  • Assets
  • Click Send beneath the coin you wish to withdraw.
  • Send
  • Enter your recipient address.
  • Enter the amount of coins you wish to withdraw.
  • NOTE: A small transaction fee, in the form of the Waves token, is required to perform this operation.
  • Click continue and within a short period of time, your coins should arrive. You can follow the transaction on our block explorers.


When tranferring between Waves accounts, a different internal process is required:

  • If you use your XFUEL or XTRABYTES wallet addresses, your transfer will fail and a customer service process will be required.
  • To retrieve your account number, click the avatar in the top left corner of your Waves session.
  • You must use this account number for all internal transfers, including: BTC, ETH, XFUEL and of course XTRABYTES (XBY)
  • You may share this account number with someone if they wish to transfer you assets within the Waves platform.
  • NOTE: External deposits and withdrawals are executed with a normal process, as described in the sections above.


Trading on Waves is very similar to trading on your everyday exchanges.

  • In the top left section of the Waves client, choose the trading option to access the markets.
  • In the search box (top left) you can either enter XFUEL or XTRABYTES (XBY does not work) and you will see all the available pairs, including XTRABYTES/XFUEL. It's important to make sure you are in the “ALL” section, otherwise you will only see the pair for: Waves, BTC or ETH, depending which is highlighted.
  • NOTE: We recommed clicking the star beside our trading pairs to turn them blue, this will ensure that our pairs you are interested in trading will be at the top of your list.
  • You can now place buy or sell orders like on any other exchange.
  • It’s important to note that certain transactions and transfers require a small amount of Waves token to pay for the system fees.
  • You can buy Waves with any available coin inside the system that you already have, or you can buy with either one of our coins.

Waves benefits for the user

The XTRABYTES™ community benefits most by having a machine-driven (no human interaction required) DEX that offers a safe and secure environment to buy, sell and trade XTRABYTES™ coins.

The Waves DEX lists XTRABYTES™ and XFUEL™ as a trading pair. Additionally, both coins are paired with BTC, ETH, LTC as well as several other coins.

Only 6 confirmations are required for deposits to land in a Waves trading account. Likewise, withdrawals typically occur within 2 minutes. Many traders will appreciate this benefit.

Waves Gateway

Once set up, take your time in getting to know the layout of the platform and then start out slow with your trading so as to not make any mistakes out of haste.

Brief history of xtrabytes and waves

After diving into the initial setup procedures, we intended to release the platform with a very complex set of instructions. After carefully considering the impact this would have on users, we elected to pursue a much more simple solution. This is when Zoltan started working on our own independent gateway.

In general terms, this required connecting their blockchain to both of ours (XBY and XFUEL™). This was fairly challenging task for Zoltan to accomplish given that our chains are considerably different than other bitcoin clone chains. Consequently, his first hurdle required resolving all existing incompatibilities.

Next, he enabled our wallets to interact directly with the Waves wallets and set up the required fees for the four different networks in the process. Once that was completed, pre-alpha testing started with a few select individuals. As expected, the testing revealed several minor bugs that had to be eliminated. We then asked community members to participate in a larger testing phase so as to finalize any technical adjustments that had to be made.

On a final note, DEX participants will discover that the platform retains several annoying issues. Since these issues occur at the Waves level, we are not in a position to simply repair code for them. We have simply set up a working and secure Waves client that the XTRABYTES™ community can count on to make trades, including: XTRABYTES™ / XFUEL™.

Nous espérons que vous apprécierez la plateforme ! L'équipe XTRABYTES™.