XCITE Changelog

Source code

v0.5 latest

  • Further improvements in coin value retrieval
  • XBY and XFUEL prices retrieved from Wave Dex
  • Fixed QR Code scan
  • Our first X-CHAT implementation - User list - Server list - Name tagging
  • Improved security features
  • 60% application size reduction
  • 32 bit and 64 bit versions (Android Version)
  • Improved performance and stability and bug fixes


  • Improved function to retrieve coin value
  • A change password feature
  • Minor cosmetic/bug fixes


  • XBY transactions
  • Pending transactions
  • Spaces in first and last name of contact available
  • Check if contact email has correct format
  • Responsive fontsize for larger wallet total
  • Check if respons from ETH & BTC explorer has balance in it to avoid 'disappearing' balances
  • Copy address from transaction history


  • Added possibility to make transactions with testnet coins
  • Added button in homescreen to access portfolio screen
  • Possibility to copy addres from transaction details to clipboard
  • Only allowing 4 digit pincodes
  • Automatic log out after 3 wrong pin attemps
  • Limit number of decimals for transfer amount to 8
  • Allowing decimals for all language settings
  • Disable buttons in wallet settings when droplists are open
  • Copy/paste pop-up on top of the screen


  • First release
  • First GUI implementation