The key features of XCITE™ Mobile

Some of the most important features and benefits of our mobile wallet

Ease of Use

You can directly access other applications on your device (like call, text, and email apps) while using the address book feature within the XCITE™ Mobile app.

More than Just a Wallet

In addition to being a wallet, the XCITE™ Mobile app will serve as a portfolio tracker & as a point of entry into the XTRABYTES ecosystem. This ecosystem will eventually include various dAPPS & modules like X-CHAT, X-VAULT, X-CHANGE and more!

Hassle Free Transactions

With the XCITE™ Mobile app, you no longer have to worry about change-addresses when conducting transactions. Instead, you only need one private key to access all the coins stored in one address.

Passcode for Entry

You can set a unique passcode to restrict access to/sensitive areas of the XCITE™ mobile app, such as key backups and coin transactions.

Create Multiple User Accounts

Within the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can create multiple user accounts at your convenience.

Import & Export Addresses

Coin addresses can be easily imported and exported within the XCITE™ Mobile app.


When you log into the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can receive notifications about any wallet balance changes.


The XCITE™ Mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

Enhanced Security

The XCITE™ Mobile app uses encryption for account security.

Wallet Modes to Control Addresses

With the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can designate an address as either active or passive. A passive address allows you to only track your balances (not conduct transactions). An active address allows you to both track your balances and conduct transactions. Currently, active modes are not available for BTC and ETH addresses in the XCITE Mobile app.

Address Management

Within the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can register the owners’ addresses using the address book feature. You can also store names, phone numbers and email-addresses as well.

Encrypted Private Keys & Storage of Wallet Keys

In the XCITE™ Mobile app, the private keys of your active addresses are encrypted with a key only you have access to. The encrypted private keys can either be stored on your device or on our account database. The password to access your personalized account is only known to you and is not stored anywhere.

Access User Accounts

You can access previously registered user accounts from various devices or platforms.

Active Tracking

Within the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can track and monitor your wallet balances without having to import private keys.

Real-time Market Price

Using the XCITE™ Mobile app, you can track and view the market prices of XBY, XFUEL, BTC & ETH.

Import Private Keys

The XCITE™ Mobile app allows wallet addresses to be imported from stored private keys.

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Mobile App v1 User Manual