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XTRABYTES™ is a versatile platform that provides fast transaction speeds, unparalleled security and infinite scalability. This is realized by using an innovative consensus algorithm called Proof of Signature on a state-of-the-art protocol called Zolt. Security is achieved by using an advanced encryption standard, SHA-512. In addition, XTRABYTES™ implements a security foundation that can easily adapt to future security threats (e.g. quantum computers). Finally, our code-agnostic API offers developers complete freedom to shape the future of the blockchain by writing DApps which can be directly integrated into the network.


The XTRABYTES™ project began as a community project rather than as an ICO. It was born from the ashes of a previous project named Bitmox. While developers made improvements to the coin’s existing code, the XTRABYTES™ community experienced steady growth. In late 2017, the development team achieved their first milestone in laying the groundwork for their Zoltchain, a highly innovative blockchain seeking to vastly improve the current industry standards. Being a revolutionary technology, the project’s co-founders are seeking patent approval for its protection.

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XTRABYTES™ has certain copy guidelines to follow when referring to our modules and/or products: XCITE is the platform that combines all the modules into one user-friendly interface (notice the absence of the hyphen). The hyphen (X-) indicates that we are referring to a module integrated into the XCITE client (e.g. X-CHANGE).

Within the company, all XTRABYTES™ related terms are spelled out in full capitals (except for PoSign and Zolt).

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