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XTRABYTES™ is seeking an experienced marketing professional to lead our brand, communications, and marketing global team. In addition, the Director of Global Marketing will be responsible for managing and overseeing the operations of the graphics, social media, PR and moderators teams. This highly visible role will work with all divisional teams to create top-notch digital marketing programs that support the company’s business and brand objectives. You will work closely with our Chief Operations Officer to ensure that our brand is applied consistently across our services and customer experience.

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XTRABYTES™ is seeking an experienced product manager professional to lead the Platforms versioning processes with experience with Version control systems (VCS).

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XTRABYTES™ is looking for a community moderator to assist in keeping the community informed and maintaining a clean working environment. As a moderator you will redirect inquiries to the proper instances, answer questions from the community with the available intel and clean up the chat when necessary. This includes overseeing the official company outlets including Discord, Reddit, Telegram and the official forums. See the full description for more info.

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We are currently seeking Solution Architects for our Global team. In this position you will be the technical representative for XTRABYTES™ products and services. This is a hands-on technologist role; you will be crafting enterprise blockchain solutions for large organizations. Experience seeing the entire lifecycle from conception, to design, to technology evaluation, to pilot program, to implementation, to maintenance and support is crucial. From a tactical standpoint, you are highly effective at leading discovery meetings, designing and presenting bespoke sales proposals, staying current on blockchain technology developments and building and delivering product/technology demos.

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We are looking for a Web Manager to support all XTRABYTES™ digital platforms. This role will reside within the XTRABYTES™ Marketing Department, reporting to the Director of Global Marketing. This person will also engage with the Graphic Designer, Sr. Web Content Producer, Social Media Manager, Sr. Video Producer, Director of Communications, and media/creative agencies. Experience in software development marketing, knowledge of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, business is highly desired and preferred.

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