Your new hub

XCITE provides ready access to our modules via our intuitive GUI. With an all-in-one approach, XCITE users can quickly switch between modules created for business, trading, communication and everything in between. Welcome to your next-gen decentralized marketplace.


X-CHAT is an encrypted P2P communication module used to securely send personal messages or funds. In short, it's a simple, stable and useful private chat platform. User messages are extremely secure, distributed across our STATIC network in shards before arriving in the recipient's chat box. These messages can be received no matter what operating system or device is being used. Finally, being a decentralized messenger, X-CHAT only stores user messages locally (i.e., only on one's personal device or computer).

Versatile and easy to use.

Remain completely anonymous.


X-CHANGE is a state-of-the-art decentralized cryptocurrency exchange made with traders in mind. Built directly into the wallet, X-CHANGE enables users to use a trusted, decentralized and secure P2P exchange that is both fast and secure. In order to provide a proof-of-concept, the first tradable pairing within X-CHANGE will be XBY/XFUEL.

Fast and reliable.

Decentralized. Only you control your funds.


As a storage module, X-VAULT provides its users with secure data storage via shards across the network. Thus, user data is encrypted and divided among the network of STATIC nodes to ensure optimal privacy and security.

Beta version will be introduced to select users for testing once ready.