Functions and features

Some of the most important features and benefits of our mobile wallet

Easy and intuitive

The XCITE™ Mobile app dashboard allows you to view and track crypto digital assets on the fly.

Store your cryptocurrency

Safely store your XTRABYTES™ and XFUEL™ cryptocurrency in a secure mobile wallet.

Pay on the go

The XCITE™ Mobile app allows easy on the go payments with a built in QR code reader.

Manage your contacts

Contact the people in your XCITE address book directly from inside the app and securely send cryptocurrency to their saved addresses.

Why use a mobile wallet?

Mobile wallets are the fastest way to use your cryptocurrency because they can be used instantly in any day to day activity, including retail stores where you can use them to buy goods and services. They allow you to access and manage your crypto portfolio anywhere, without having to worry about access to a desktop PC. Mobile crypto wallets are usually also much smaller and simpler to use than desktop wallets and can be easily downloaded onto any Android or iOS device.

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